Sunday, January 5, 2014

Biglots Haul

Hello I'm back again with another Biglots haul.
Yesterday I went to my favorite store Biglots with my dad.
So I knew that if I find something I want my dad would get it for me. 
Therefore I went to look at the makeup and of course I found something I wanted and that was three of my favorite nail polish Sinful color. The name of the colors I got are Neon Melon, Charge it up and Merlot. All three of the nail polishes where $1 each and they are usually $1.99-$2.99 at Walgreen's. The first color that caught my eye was the neon melon because I have been looking for a neon yellow for summer and I have the summer peach which I really like but the only thing is that its a matte so I have to put a top coat. I hope the neon melon is not a matte. The second color that I liked was Charge it up its a pretty blue and when I got home and looked it up its a magnetic polish but this one did not come with magnet so can't used it as a magnetic polish unless I use my Sally Hansen magnet.
The last one I found was Merlot which remained me of true blood so I had to get it but I really don't wear red polish but only for Halloween and for doing true blood design on my nails so we will how it looks on my nails.
 I also got a blu-ray and DVD of the mini series called Titanic its written by the same person that writes for Downton Abby which I really like so thought for $5 I would give it a try. I also looked up the original price for this mini series is $39.98 so for $5.00 is a really good deal.

So what do you think of my haul? Have any of my blog viewers used or watch any of the things I got let me know.

Until next time happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

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