Sunday, November 17, 2013

Review of Maybelline Color Show Limited Edition Sequins and Vintage Leather

Hello again I have a new review of two polishs I bought a couple of weeks ago that I finally had a chance to try out.
They are two Limited Edition nail polishs by Maybelline new york color show in the Sequins and Vintage Leather lines. 

I got the Maybelline Vintage Leather in Mod Moss at Target on sale for $1.48 and the Maybelline Sequin in Gold's Night Out, which I bought on sale at Big Lots for a $1.00.

Here is Mod Moss with no top coat:

Here is Mod Moss with top coat and no top coat:

Here is Gold's Night Out on top of Mod Moss:

Ok now for what I think about these two nail polishes. When I was at Target looking at Mod Moss I was debating on getting this color because it was a really dark green or olive green and I could not see the glitter in it until I looked really close under bright lights. I really like this color when there is a top coat. I'm not a fan of matte nail polish. I would always use a top coat on any of the matte nail polish I own. Besides it being a matte polish I really like the dark green or olive green color with red/orange glitter in it as well as flakes of glitter. The only good thing about matte polishes is that they dry fast.
 The second polish Gold's Night Out is a gold glitter polish with small gold glitter and medum glitter thats holographic. When I saw this nail polish at Big Lots I was not going to get it because it was gold. I really don't like gold but when I looked closer I saw that it had holographic glitter so I figured for $1.00 I would give it a try. Good thing I did because I like it over Mod Moss and it will proably be pretty by itself too.
I'm happy with both nail polishs and that I did not have to pay full price for them also.

If you buy any of the Maybelline Sequins or Vintage Leather or any other line of Maybelline nail polish let me know what color and if you like them.

Well til next post happy shopping :0)

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