Thursday, November 14, 2013

Big Lots Haul

I went to Big Lots after going to Blockbuster which was a bust they where way over priced for used movies. 
Anyways I bought two movies which I saw couple days ago and decided to back after the Blockbuster bummer. I got Teen Wolf and Mystic Pizza, which I love both movies and never saw them on sale or did but did not pick them up but for a $1.50 I said what the heck.

Kinda bummed that there not in a case but for $1.50 I can find somewhere to put them where thier safe. These would be good stocking stuffers for Christmas too.
Ok now to the makeup. I'm so excited to try them out and I will put a review of these when I try them out. So I got two eye shadows that is Revlon and there the diamond lust eyeshadows. There names are Night Sky and Celestial Sliver and they were only $1.20 each. That's a good price because they're usually $4.99.

 Big Lots also had the purple color too, which is called Plum Galaxy. I'm not in to wearing purple eyeshadows but you are that color was less then  ones I got because there was less of them.
So that's my first blog on my haul and I hope you go to Big Lots and some good deals too.
If you go to Big Lots tell me what you got at your Big Lots ok.

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