Monday, November 25, 2013

Opening of My Style Box of Joy

Hello again I'm back with something I really excited to open well I already open because I could not wait.

I was lucky to be one of 5,000 people to get this free Style Box of Joy.
They did not tell us what we will be getting in the box but that it would have makeup and fashion in it. When I saw makeup I said yes please I want it and for free yes again.
So couple days ago I got email that the box was on its way and I totally forgot all about it. They gave me a tracking number so I have been checking for it and saw it was close to being my city yesterday and figured it would be here today, which I was right :0)

Here is the box but as you can see I already opened it lol

The first thing I saw was the London New York Soho bag and went yes because I love the other bag I have of thier brand.
This bag it not my favorite color but for free. I can look past that and when I opened it. It has some cool stuff inside in that it has a place for my brushes and a zip it center pocket for like eye shadows and lip products, etc. Along with a nice mirror.

The next thing I saw was Rembrandt tooth paste and also was excited because tooth paste is so expensive these days and Rembrandt is one of the more expensive brands. I also saw that it has whitening which I need.

After looking at the tooth past I something else that had Rembrandt name on it and picked it out the box. I saw that it was whitening strips and I was so happy. I have been wanting to whiten my teeth but they are so expensive so I have not try any. So I can't wait to use the tooth paste and whitening strips.

Then I look in the box and saw lip gloss, which made me so happy because I love lip gloss. It is a Neutrogena Moisture Shine gloss in the Vita Plum. There was not just one but two which made even more happer but they are the same color would of liked to different color but I'm ok with the same color.

There was also some samples of Nivea Smooth Sensation body lotion for dry skin which I can use because my skin is dry lol. I also got a sample of Roc retinol correxion sensitive night cream. I probably won't try it unless someone that reads my blog wants to try it and give it a review.

The last two things that was in the box of goodies was a book called Harper's Bazaar Fashion by Lisa Armstrong. At first I was like it is a book? But then I looked inside its a pretty good book on fashion now and in history with famous people as well as makeup too. So I'm going to read it and might do a review on it. Its usually $24.95 and I got it for free yay.
The other thing I was kinda confused on why they sent me a CD. When I took it out it is music which it makes sense because singers use fashion in music videos and as well as there performances. I have not heard any of these singers before so I have to put it in my computer to check it out.

O the last thing I also got in the box was some coupons for 20% off on Tracy Reese online. I never heard of this person so I have to check it out.
I'm really happy for getting this Style Box of Joy and can't wait to try everything out.
I will be putting up reviews on some of these products soon.

If you tried any of the things I got in my box let me know what you think about them. 
Or anything I would like to hear from my readers good or bad but mostly good please. :0)
Til next time happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

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