Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Arissa Nail Polish Review

A couple days ago I bought some nail polish from the dollar tree store. The polish name is Arissa, which I never heard about this company before but I'm still finding out about different makeup companys. The two colors I bought are Rockin’ Amethyst on the right and Beaming Bronze on the left.

The first one I tried out was Rockin’ Amethyst because it is an awesome color. Its a purple gel polish with blue glitter. I don't wear purple alot but this one jumped out to me it might be the blue glitter because I love blue. When I put it on it looks so pretty. It changes from purple to a purple blue as you will see in my pictures I took.
I have to try out the other color in get back to you about if I like this brand of polish. All in all I think for a buck its a good nail polish.
Have you tried this brand of nail polish? And what do you think?

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  1. Seems like an amazing formula! I’m trying it right now! Hope it lasts long:))