Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dollar Tree Haul

Hello MJF stars,
I know I'm little late but still want to share this collective Dollar Tree haul from last month and this past weekend. So lets get into this haul.

I did not have chance to post this window Decoration but still wanted to share it with you. I did not put in video since Easter has passed.

I also picked up these solar spot lights which I also did not put in video but still wanted to share with you. They work really well for my deck steps at night.

I picked up more of the Essentials stackable organizing drawers because I really like them. I wish they were bigger but for $1.00 they are really good. I also found these car fresheners from Bahama & Co. in Aruba Blue Breeze. They are pretty and smell good.

I picked up some The home store neon Straws which are nice for summer. I also found the luau cups and picked one up. They had Easter candy 2 for $1.00 so I two of the Russell Stover 3 marshmallow eggs.  I got a Sunbeam LED nightlight for my dad.

I also did not put the things in this picture in the video but still want to share with you. My dog like the My Pets friend oatmeal enhanced shampoo which they have sensitive skin so if you need dog shampoo you should try this one from DT. I also picked up some uncle bens chicken & wild Rice which is good. I had to try the Betty Crocker mint chip was so good and wish I bought more boxes.

I also picked up some LA Totally awesome windshield washer fluid which works well for my car.

Recently I went to dollar tree to pick up some gardening shovels so I got two one is a trowel and the other one is a transplanter. I also finally found the metallic pencils from paper crafts so I picked up two. I also found only two of the pretty candle holders that I saw people hauling. I got a pink one and purple one. I also broken down and picked up two of the sea horse candle holders one in silver and one in teal. 

I went to dollar tree last weekend and I picked up this book called The Marauders by Tom Cooper which looked interesting. I also got two of the 4th of July Bandanas. I did not find any good movies at last Dollar Tree but this one had different ones. So I had to get Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Frankenstein on DVD. I also picked up The Land Before Time 2 pack DVD for the boys when they come over and for me too because I saw the original movie but never saw these ones.

Well that all I got from Dollar Tree for now.....

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got.

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