Monday, May 15, 2017

Disney Movie Rewards Haul/ Unboxing

Hello my MJF stars,
Lately Disney Movie Rewards has been getting rewards that can't pass up and I points to spend so I got three more rewards.

Youtube video of haul/ unboxing:

So as you can see I got three Haunted Mansion mini Tsum tsum's. It was mystery on which ones I would receive so I was hoping I would get three different one but I got two that are the same which was bummer. They were 300 points each which was not bad since they were $5.95 each at Disneyland. I got one of the maid and two of Ezra.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I redeemed from Disney Movie Rewards. You can see other things I redeemed if you use search bar on the left.

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