Monday, May 1, 2017

Madonna Inn and Solvang Trip Hauls

Hello my MJF stars,
If you didn't know by seeing my post of my trip to Madonna Inn and Solvang last month. I wanted to show you what I bought on my trip which is from a few stores so lets get into what I got.

At the first place we stayed was inside a shopping center which we walked around and shopped a little bit of course.

This first haul is from the Dollar Tree because you know I like to visit different dollar trees when I'm out of town. I got two these Jot Organizer case to use form my crafts. I also picked up this Solar Dancing Bunny for Easter. I was so happy to find theses L.A Pop expandable bags so I got three of them. The last thing I got was two the Wet N Wild Smoke Liner Brush which I never found at my Dollar Trees.

This next haul is from Best Buy in which I found this Weird Science Bluray for $5.99. I had to get because I like this movie and did not own it yet. I also found these cute Wonder Woman Knee High Socks for $5.99 and had to get them too. The last thing I to from best buy was this Funko Pop X-Men of Logan because you know I love collecting pops and I love Wolverine/Logan.

We also went to Sears but I only got these 6mm Opal Stud Earrings on sale for $9.99 which I could not pass up because I love opals.

We went to Kohls next which I picked up a few things. I found these Yankee Candle Apple Spice Potpourri  for $.59 which you know I love candles and could not pass up this price.

I also got two t-shirts which was a Star Wars and The Goonies t-shirts that was 2 for $21.00 which is a good price. You know I love Star Wars and The Goonies and had to have them.

The last thing I got on this trip was from Madonna Inn which is this Green Luster Wine Goblet for $16.00. When you visit Madonna Inn it is must to pick up a Goblet and I already have a wine size blue luster goblet and had to get a green one to make a pair.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my hauls from my trip.

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