Monday, May 8, 2017

99 Cents Only Store Haul

Hello my MJF stars,
I'm here to show you a 99 cents only store, so lets get into this haul.

I have been seeing this USB Mini Fan for awhile at my store but never picked it up. So this time I decided to pick it up. It was $1.99 which is a really good deal. I also been seeing funko pops at my store but they never had anything that I liked. This time they had Edith Cushing from Crimson Peak which I really loved the movie and had to have it to add to my collection. It was $1.99 which is a real good deal because most pops are around $15. I found more of the Mainstay candles but this time they had Harvest Leaves which smells pretty good. I got last one which bummer because I would of picked up more. I got some Allary All Purpose Thread because I can always need more thread and this are bigger than the ones I got awhile ago. The last thing I got was also from Allary brand which was self- adhesive hook & loop fasteners.

I hope you enjoyed seeing another 99 cents only store haul. I would love to hear what you found from 99 cents only store if you like to leave comment below.

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