Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Review: Disney Cinderella Ready for the Ball Beauty Book

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm finally getting around to tell you my thoughts of Disney Cinderella Ready for the Ball Beauty Book. Cinderella is not one of my favorite Disney characters but I love Disney and had to add this to my Disney beauty books collection.
As always with these collection they do such nice work on the art work on these products which makes me want them even more so pretty.


inside beauty book
In this beauty book is similar to rest of the beauty books in that its had night eyeshadow, two blushes, an eyeliner, lip gloss and an eyeshadow brush.

Cinderella makeup guide
It also has the makeup guide under the mirror which I never use lol. I love the mirror in that it looks like a clock and you can also can remove it because its plastic but I leave it on because I never use the mirror.

closeup of products in beauty book

swatches of eyeshadows: from top to bottom and left to right: Royalty, Glass Slipper, Princess; Fairy Godmother, Dream, Gus Gus; Miracle, Tweet, and Kingdom
As you can see these eyeshadows are light colors which for me I wish they had a darker blue for the outer v to darken they eye looks and create depth in a eye look. There are mix of mattes, satins and shimmer last the others. Since they are all light blues, pinks, browns they are really hard to see them swatched on my hand. I had to build up these colors in my eyelooks because of that. If you are newbie to make up this might be for you because you have build the color but if your not then you might want to skip this beauty book unless you love Disney and Cinderella.

top: blushes- Sweet Nightingale and Royal Ball; Eye pencil Midnight and Lip Gloss This is Love
The blushes are really nice in this beauty book. They are very pigmented but they both have shimmer in it and if you don't like shimmer in your blushes you will not like this. I really love Royal Ball which is cranberry red with gold shimmer and would be nice were in winter. Sweet Nightingale is also pretty medium pink with gold shimmer too. The eye pencil is a nice creamy black but I probably will not use. The lip gloss is nice but the color is not for me. I really don't light pink lip gloss but its not stick and does not have a smell which is nice. The eyeshadow brush is nice brush for blending which is nice too.

My final thoughts on this beauty book is that it could of been better. If you are not a Disney or Cinderella fan you should skip this beauty book which I'm sad to say. If you want to see the eye looks which I did with beauty book before deciding on bought they will be posted next.
 I not mad that I bought this because I love Disney and happy to add to my collection.
I like the Disney Cinderella Ready for the ball eyeshadow palette more which I also reviewed.

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  1. I'm a Cinderella lover so for that reason only I need this palette. lol I do love the blue and pink shades. :)

    1. yes its worth it if you love Cinderella and you can create some nice looks too for the price.