Saturday, December 12, 2015

Dollar Tree Hauls

Hello my MJF followers, 
I know I said that I might not post on the blog this week because I was sick but I was feeling little better today. I also went to dollar tree today and went a little crazy so I thought I post the rest of my Dollar tree hauls that I got this month.

In this haul I got some window Clings to put on the mirror in Bath room. I got the Santa with his elves, reindeer, and snowman. I also got one with some penguins because I love penguins so cute.😊 

I also found some Disney reusable bags that I could not pass up. I got the mickey and his friends for someones present and the Olaf one for me of course. I went back today and they were gone so if you see them buy them.

I got some things that I need like the health a to z acid reducers which do work but don't get many in a pack. I also got these cute tins with cotton swabs in them which I've been looking for. So I got Yoda and Olaf because you know I love both of them. I also picked up a colormate lip crayon in Spiced which was recommended by thinkpinkdays on YouTube. So I picked it up on a Michelle's recommend. I have not opened it yet so if you like my review on it let me know or just check out thinkpinkdays on YouTube. I also found some light up usb cable for my cell phone and thought be good for a back up. It does work but gets hot so you can't  leave it plugged in when not charging. I also got Christmas house dancing solar guy. I got 3 of the solar blinking reindeer's, 3 of the solar rocking Santa's and 3 of the solar dancing elf. I'm keeping one set of them for me then the rest is for gifting. I also got two of the Christmas house led lights in two different types the circle color lights and the regular shape color lights. If you foll own me on ig (instagram) you saw the regular shaped ones the wires was not connected. So I had to return them.

The last thing I got in this haul was a 3 pack of white funnels which I'm using for my crafts.

In this haul which was small because I had to exchange the led lights and got another other circle color ones and I also got a pack of the star shaped led lights. Also this year's lights are different in that the wire are green unlike last year's that was clear and I liked better. I also picked up some sure scents which is a dollar tree brand in the scent spruce to spray were my fake Christmas trees are to give a realistic feel and apple Cinnamon for the bath room. The last thing I got was 2 assured chest rub for my mom and my dad.

This my haul from today which I only went in to get candy canes and some ginger ale but got more than just that of course. I got the other solars to add to my collection. I got solar Santa in chimney, solar drumming bear, solar swinging snow man and solar swinging santa. I only got one of each this time because they did not have any left and I had enough other one for gifts. I did get my candy canes that I went in for and I got two packs of mini candy canes one box of Cherry and one box of Peppermint. I also got pack of cookie cutters because I did not get them last year and went back they were gone. I don't know if I'll use them for making cookies or giveaway for gifts. I got a back of red bird soft Peppermint puffs for my mom.

Because of thinkpinkdays aka Michelle said that she love the perfume from dt and she recently hauls two of them. So I thought I smell them all and when I smelled this one and sprayed it on my hand. I fell in love it smells so good. It's European American Designs compare to Eau so sexism by Victoria's Secret Charming Girl. It has a fruity and flower scent which I love. I have many of the roll on perfumes from dt and they had some of ones I got last year in and some new ones. But they did not have Charming girl in the roller ball so I passed. I just got big size. They had other compare to roller ball of other victoria's secrets too. I got this giant candy cane for someone for Christmas too.

The last thing I got was some Santa Ginger ale. Since I still have sore throat it might help.

I hope you enjoyed my Dollar Tree hauls.

Until next time, 

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