Thursday, December 3, 2015

Review: Disney Cinderella Ready for the Ball Eyeshadow Palette

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I'm here to show you the new Disney collection that is only at Walgreens this time. As you can see by the title its the Cinderella Disney character this time. I will be giving my thoughts on the Disney Cinderella Ready for the Ball eyeshadow palette.

Cinderella eyeshadow palette in package

back of package
This is is the first time they made a 35 eyeshadow palette. They usually have smaller eye shadow palettes like the Ursula palette (Disney villains wicked shadow shimmering eyeshdow) that had 8 eyesadows. When I saw this eyeshadow palette on the walgreens web site. I had to get it when it hit the stores because I love Disney and eyeshadows. Thanks to the really nice girls that works at walgreens and called me when it came in. I knew people that ordered it online and said it was big and when I got it I was kinda in shock how big it was too. 

out of the package
Back of palette 

When I took it out of the box it was still pretty big. Its big as my 10 inch tablet. If you expecting a little palette this is not it but if you love big eyeshadows palettes you will like this. So lets get into the design/art work on the cover is beautiful and will be a nice to display. The detail in corners of the palette is so cool in that there is fairy god mother and pumpkin carriage too and of course the big side profile of Cinderella.

inside of palette
In this eyeshadow palette its a variety of finishes and the colors range from blues, grays, pinks, golds, and browns which keep in the theme of Cinderella.

eyeshadow numbers
Since this eyeshadow palette has no names which you know I dislike. I numbered it so you can see what they look like in the pan and swached below.

first row of eyeshadows
This first row are very light colors and would need primer to help the colors show up.

second row of eyeshadows
The second row is much more pigmented and I really like 8,9,11,13. In that they are nice and creamy and would blend so well.

third row of eyeshadows
The third row is pretty pigmented also. I really like 16 and 18. The colors are so pretty.

fourth row of eyeshadows
This fourth row has more dark colors and also  very pretty colors. I like 23,24 and 28 on this row.

last row of eyeshadows
This last row is also very pigmented as well. I really like the shimmery colors as see from my picks but the mattes are pretty good too like 31 its so pigment as you can see.

As you can see by the swatches they are hits and miss in the quality but for the price of this palette which is $14.99. I figured they all wouldn't be good. I'm so sad to say there are some eyeshadows that have over spray of glitter but at least they are the same color under the over pray unlike the evil queen beauty book that was a completely different color. I think this a really pretty eyeshadow palette and if you love Disney, Cinderella, and eyeshadows you will not be to disappointed. Its not as good as urban decay its drug store quality. I made it work as you can see on my eye looks that I will be posting. I think its a good price compared to the beauty books because in the beauty book you get 9 for $9.99 but do get other face product's too and this palette you 35 for $14.99. If I did over again. I would buy it because you can do may different eye looks with endless possibilities. You can do smokey eye or neutral eye or even a pretty pink princes look.

I hope you enjoyed my review.

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