Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wave of Peppermint and Purple Passion Mani

Hi my MJF followers,
I'm here with a mani that wore for my friends wedding. I wanted to do a Ariel theme mani because I wore a little mermaid dress from Torrid. I did not post the haul because it was one item and did not know if any one wanted to see it? So if you do let me know and I will be happy to post it. Any ways this what I came up with :0)
with flash

no flash outside lighting

Products I used
Loreal One Stop Base Coat
KleanColor Wave of Peppermint
L.A. Colors Color Craze Purple Passion
Milani Quick Shine Top Coat

I did a ruffian mani with some colors that is close to the Ariel's tail and Ariel's top that she wears in the Disney version of little mermaid. I think I got the colors pretty close. I really love how this mani came out these two color look pretty together. I really like Wave of peppermint but was bummed that it did not smell like peppermint. I was kinda disappointed with purple passion because it was goopy and thick when I used it. I don't know if its the formula or if it was just hot and I had the fan on. Anyways I think I'll try the purple passion again by itself and if it still goopy its going in the garbage. Other than that I really loved this mani and got a lot of complements on it.

Until next time,

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