Monday, September 28, 2015

Review: Disney Villains Wicked Shadow Shimmering Eyeshadows

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to give you my thoughts on Disney Villains Wicked Shadow Shimmering Eyeshadows which is one of the new limited edition items from the Disney Villains Collection that is only at Walgreens.
When I this little palette which Ursula themed in the Villains collection I had to have it because you I love Disney, Villains, glitter and bright colors.

In package: front and back
I love the packaging its so right on for the Ursula with the eels and shell and when take out of package inside which you can't see is a pattern with all of the Villains themes in the collection which you can see in the beauty books that I will posting about soon.

Front and back of palette
When I took the palette out of the package I was happy to see two things one the same picture of Ursula like film that's on the mirror and the second was that they put the names of each eyeshadow color yay. That makes me so happy they have names because it just bugs me when they don't have name when I create a look and can't tell you what color I used. The other thing I like is that the film on the mirror is plastic not a sticker so you can leave it on or take it off with out having sticker goop on it. I also like it is slim and thick so its easy to store because you know us makeup junkies always need storage for our collection and with it begging slim makes space for more makeup. :0) That enough about packaging let get into how they eyeshadow are right.

Close up of eyeshadows in pan and swatches with no primer
As you can see by the swatches they are all pretty pigmented but the only color that was not up the rest of the eyeshadows is Breezy which was pigmented but little powdery and probably will have fall out which is not a biggy for me. Also these eyeshadows have shimmer in which is in the name so if you don't like shimmer then its not for you. I think this little palette is pretty good for only $5.99. If it was Disney I would of still bought it because it has pretty colors that I love.
I'm pretty happy with little eyeshadow palette and will be using it a lot because it has green, blues, purples which I wear a lot in my eye looks. The only thing I wish they put one nude color for a brow bone high light but that's not a big deal either because most bright palette don't have a nude shade.

If you like to see the first eye look I did with is palette click here.

What do you think? What Disney Villains items from the collection are you getting or gotten?

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