Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bath and Body Works Collective Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here with another old B&BW collective haul that I have been wanting to post.

Awhile ago I went with my mom when I had a free coupon for something $5.00 so I got the Pink Lemonade body lotion and my mom had a coupon too for a free item so she gave it to me to pick out one so I picked the Tahiti Island dream body lotion.

The next time my mom and I went we used my 20% off coupon which my mom used and I only picked out one thing that I really wanted which was the fragrance mist in Guava pineapple slash which was like $4.80 with the coupon because it was marked down to $6.

I went back to you B&BW because I really wanted the Pink Lemonade Fizz fragrance mist because I love the lotion and it was on sale for $6.

I hope you enjoyed my Bath and Body Works collective hauls.

Until next time,


  1. Bath & Body Works is my favorite fragrance, lotion, and candle shop. I got the Sweet Pea travel lotion with my free $5.00 item. So cool! Thanks for sharing another fun haul. :)

    1. Yeah I really like B&BW because they have really good products. The Sweet Pea smells good too. It's so hard to pick because they all smell so good lol. I'm glad you enjoyed my haul. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :0) ♡