Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dollar Tree Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to show you a really big collective haul from dollar tree that from last month and this month.

This first haul I got two Wet n' Wild single eye shadows in Envy, and Kitten. I also got four of the Sally Hansen salon effects in two designs Girl Flower and Disk-o Queen. The last thing I got was an E.L.F studio lash & eyebrow comb.

In this haul I got another cell phone case which 3d and has blue and green paisley design. I also got two Solar Turkeys. I finally found the owl candle holder and its so cool when the candle is in it. I got a two pack of battery votive candles. The last thing I got in this haul was Revlon Top Speed in Ocean.

In this haul I got two packs of cough drop in cherry and citrus. I got LED christmas ornaments in Reindeer and Snowman. I also got two of the 10 led white snowflake lights and one of the 10 led white star lights because I love lights and if it lights up I have to get one lol. I also got luminessece candle in peppermint scent because I love pepper mint. I also got a jolly rancher flavored lip balm in green apple because I love apple scented stuff also. I got one of the preferred fragrance set in the impression of killer queen Katy perry because I really like that perfume so I figured I give a try.

In this haul I went little Christmas crazy. I got two of the Christmas scarfs. The green one has snowman on it and the black one has Santa clause on it with presents. I got all four of Christmas dancing solars in Santa, Elf, Reindeer, and Bear toy solder. I also got a deindeer pez. I found some double sided tape by scotch to use for gift wrapping. I got a pair of sliver glitter tea lights. I also got a pack of tea lights by luminessece in Harvest Seasonal Spice. I used up my tooth paste so I got another one in natural white sensitive because the one I had by Crest did not work. The last things I got were more of impression perfume by preferred fragrance. I got the Viva la jucy noir jucy couture called pink dusk, Bombs shell Victoria's secret called Stunner, and because I really liked the Killer Queen Katy Perry called Regal Crown I got a back up or I might give it away not sure yet. But if you do see these pick them up they all smell really good.

In this haul I went in to get fabric softener and found more Christmas stuff that lights up and you know I things that lights up and I got somethings that I might use for a DIY project. So I more of the 10 led lights in the snowflakes and faceted. I also got a pack of the plain led lights in blue. I also found these cute color changing led tree so I got two. I also got four snowflake ornaments in two different designs. I got two Blinking necklaces in a snowflake and Christmas tree. The last thing I got was totally awesome fabric softener in island fresh scent.

This last haul is a small one where I went to see if they got anything new in and if they got in the cuticle trimmers which they did by Sassy + chic and I got the blue ones. I also got another of the blinking necklace in the Christmas tree for my little cousin. The last things I got was two of cupcake holders because I love making cupcakes and would use these a lot and I might go back for more because there pretty nice for $1.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I been finding at my dollar tree.

Until next time,

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