Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dasio Japan Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm to show you my first haul from Dasio Japan haul from last month before Thanksgiving. I think a long time ago I went to this store but I don't think I bought anything. Its in Daly City which is  like 2 hours away from my house so I happened to go to Daly City with my mom and had to check it out again.
Also everything was $1.50 unless marked differently in the store but I got only the $1.50 items.

I got this really pretty suit case belt that has is Hawaiian theme pattern. I had to get this cute Santa Claus ceramic candle that lights up. When I saw this I had to have it and it wad a bottle cap which holds you straw so cool. I also pick up cup cleaning sponge to clean all of cups of course. I got a loose tea holder to make single cups of tea for my brother. This next item I had to try it, was the face washing brush. I also had to get one of my favorite cookie which is the meiji hello pandas and these one where double chocolate which I never tried and they are even better than the original chocolate. I was so happy to find Kleancolors nail polish and had to get some so I got three named Leaves Jingle, Wave of peppermint which is scented peppermint yay, Pearl Jungle. I know I got all green nail polish but those are the only colors that jumped out and said buy me lol. I also got this cute pass port holder because I don't have one and I figured for $1.50 that not bad.

The last things I got were three baskets to organize my stuff. The top one I use for my snacks and the two bottom ones I use to store my fish tank stuff and my cup collection. I love the bottom one they have a pretty design.

I really love Dasio Japan I wish it was not so far away from my house. I was not planing on buy so much but I figured that if I like it get because I probably will not back soon.

I hope you liked seeing my big Dasio Japan Haul.
If see anything you might want me to review let me know.

Until next time,

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