Monday, December 12, 2016

Dollar Tree Haul

Hello my MJF stars,
I'm here to show you a big Dollar Tree haul with some christmas and makeup items so let get into what I found.

Youtube video of haul:

I found the new solar dancers this year and picked up only two because there are almost the same as last year. So I got Solar Dancing Snowman and Solar Rocking Chair Santa which is similar to last year but had more details. I also got Solar Stakes Lights 3 of the Snowman and 3 of  Santa. I picked up some sunbeam cr2032 batteries. I also found this cute Christmas tree led light and had to get it. I found the Lip Smacker display but only found four of the different flavors which was Angel Food Cake, Cherry Cobbler, Sprinkle Donut and Sugar Plum Frosting. I also found the Sinful Colors Kylie Demi-mattes so I got all of the colors they had which was Kashmere, King Size, Silhouette, Karma, and Mauve On. The last things I found was some Christmas Socks by Christmas House which were so cute I had to get them.

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