Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cool Gear Replacement and Collection

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to talk about this company called Cool Gear.
A while ago during Halloween I bought this cup below which is a cool gear mason cup with skull on it.
Cool gear sugar skull mason

When I was using it one day the cup broke and posted on instagram and the company told me to contact customer service and would help me out. They emailed me the next day and they said they would send me a replacement which I was happy to hear. But they did not have same mason cup so gave me some options to pick from and I pick this one below.

Spring owl mason 

This owl cool gear cup is from the spring collection that is coming out and I love it. It has pineapples, hibiscus, watermelon, owls on it.

Green skull tumbler, skull cool can, holiday owl cool can, pink owl cool can, light blue owl cool can.

Light up Frank Tumbler

Cool gear beverage dispenser 

I wanted to show you my collection of Cool Gear products which I love and happy that this company appreciate there customers. They also pride there selves on design and quality of there products and stand behind them. I would be adding more of there cool gear cups to my collection because they are a great company that I hope stay around a long time. You don't see many companies that appreciate there customers. Thank you to the lady that I email from the customer service and the company for sending me a replacement.

If you have not tried any of there products you should they are great.
If you like a review on any of the cool gear products let me know.

Until next time,


  1. Hi Mel. I previously had the light blue owl cool can but it started leaking from the top a lot. My fiance who passed recently from cancer had bought it for me. I'm looking to replace it but need the date code from cool gear for the exact model. Unfortunately because I threw it away I don't have it..can u give me that info by any chance. I'm DESPERATE to see if I can REPLACE THIS it's one of the last items my fiance bought me

    1. Hi, I found the cup but it does not have a date on it. But it has a number above the bar code which is 1723 and below bar code 1723p12925-0314. The bar code is 845604017234. I hope that helps.😞