Monday, March 30, 2015

99 Cents Collective Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
Here is few things I have gotten at 99 cents store.

I found some NYC polishes at but there was only one that I really wanted and I could not find it at CVS so I was so happy to find it for 99 cents that is the Queen's Jewels from the Crystal Courture collection. I also found a few Maybelline items which I think were from CVS because the items had CVS stickers on them. They were all marked at $1.99 so I just got a color tattoo in the color Audacious Asphalt which I been wanting to try a color tattoo but was not willing to pay around $7.00 for one and my Dollar Tree never got any. So I was happy to find one at 99 cents store, even if I had pay $1.99 its still cheaper than $7.

My dad went to 99 cents store found me a case by ennoteck with a cool skull design which he knows I love skulls and fits my cell phone.

In this haul I was looking at the Easter stuff they put out and found this cute owl led candle that I had to have because I love owls and it lights up lol. I also got a pair of novelty socks for $1.29. I usually don't buy the items the price more then .99 but these were so cute I had to get them. Its says that they were $5.00 so its still a good deal. I also got two Ricola Green Tea Cough drops because they are not cheap. When I got them I was not sick but I'm glad that I did because I been sick for like two weeks with a bad cough and the help a lot and taste good. I might have to get more soon if they still have them.

Well that it for what I got from .99 cents store in past two months.

Until next time,

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