Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review: E.L.F Enchanted Beauty Book

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here with a review on another of the E.L.F Halloween Beauty Book this time its the Enchanted Beauty Book.

As you can see its the same as the Vampire Beauty Book but it as different eyeshadow colors, lip gloss and eyeliner. In this palette the eyeshadows are pink, purples, and blue colors. The lip gloss again has no name so here is the number  22111 which is a pale pink color. The eyeliner in this palette is pearl white color. I was not planing on buying this palette but when I saw the purples and blues I figured I give it a try.

Here is swatches:

With flash

Without flash in outside light

As you can see these eyeshadows are also very pigmented. After swatching them the colors that I bought this for do not look as I suspected it would but there are colors that I did not like but when swatched really do like for instance the top lavender color and bottom gray purple color are so pretty. I don't think I would wear these colors a lot like Vampire palette. It might be that need to play with it and my feelings might change about this palette. Its still a good deal anyways. The only thing that bugs me about these Halloween palettes is that they did not put names on the eyeshadows. Why?

What do you think about this palette?

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