Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dollar Tree, 99 cents and Target Hauls

Hello MJF followers,
I'm back and I have a lot of things to post and I try to a few out this week. Even though I have a cold :0(. 
This post is some hauls that did not have chance to post before my trips.

This first haul is from Dollar Tree and I mostly got movies which is a nice find for $1.00.
The movies I got are not just for me also to give away. The movies I got for me are the hunters, dragon pearl, r.l stine's the haunting hour the series volume one, George A. Romero deadtime stories volume 1, Fantastic 4, and That 70's Show Holiday edition. I got storm rider for my cousin and I kipper, and Tubb's pirate treasure for a friend of my family two boys. I also had to get 3d skull note pad. I add up all of the prices of movies I bought and save around $70.00 which is awesome.

I went back to dollar tree to get the second volume of deadtime stores and also pick up twoother things. Which are Colgate sensitive toothpaste and carmex lip balm.

This haul is from the 99 cents store. I found the maybelline eyestudio Eye shadows from the nude collection and had buy a few because been wanting to try them and they were only $1.49. The ones I got were 120 nude romance, 125 take it off, and 130 taup tease. I also got another stack able basket like the other two I got from dollar tree. I got two mio fits in orange which I love these mio's and if you have not tried you should. The second to the last thing I got was a chap stick in cake batter.

I also picked up another hanging skeleton in purple.

The last haul I got only two things from target's dollar section. When I saw these led glitter tea lights I had to get them and I got the green ones. I also got this cute skull tinsel garland.

I really happy I found some good stuff and things I been wanting to try.
What do you think of my hauls?

Until next time,

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