Monday, November 24, 2014

Texas Trip Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to show you what I got when I was in Texas which was also my first time visiting Texas.
 I went to Texas with my mom after going to Virginia.

While I was in Texas I did stop at dollar tree and found somethings I've been looking for at my DT. I found some glitter eyeshadows by elf in the colors Flirt and Party Animal. I also got another Elf blending eye brush. I got another profusion palette in gemineye number 02 which are the bright colors that I used for my Halloween costume. I also found a yoda pez which I collect. I also found the fing'rs Edge nail strips they have no names just numbers. 

I got two hats at the horse show which the reason I was in Texas. The one on the left was $25.00 because it had the app. World logo on it as well as the boots as you can see. I also got a candy skull hat which was $15.00.
One of the days I was in Texas me and my mom went to the stockyards and I got a few things there. I got this blue sweat shirt for $14.99. I also got this cute little glass boot for $3.99.

I had a nice time in Texas.
I hope enjoyed seeing what I got in Texas.

Until next time,

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