Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kohl's and Ross Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
Here is a few more hauls from before I went on my trips.

I went to Kohl's to look for some t-shirts but found a pair of head phones I could not pass up because I love minions and been wanting some good head phones. They were $19.99 and I got 15% too for signing up for a rewards card which was nice. I live these head phones because fit me perfectly.

I went to Ross for leg warmers for my Halloween costume and found some other things I had to get. I got a pair of bear paw boots that have pink sparkles on it its hard to see. They were $29.99 which is good price because they are normal around $90.00. I also found the other opi Muppet duo pack called romancing the frog which has miss piggy's big number and Muppet's world tour. It was $5.99. The last thing I got was leg warmers in black with sliver glitter for $5.99.

I'm happy with the things I found which I been looking for and needed.
What do you think of my Hauls?
Until next time,

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