Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Big Lots and Walgreens Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
Here is another old haul from after Halloween but wanted to show you some good deals I found.

This haul is from Big Lots which I got two of the owls from Halloween decorations that been wanting to buy but I'm so happy I waited after Halloween because I got two for the price of one. They where $2.50 each. I also pick up another purse size hair brush which is a goodie brand with a gel handle for $1.50.

This haul is from Walgreens and all of the Halloween was 90% off so I had to get a few things. I got a Strobing Skull for $1.49, Trio light up pumpkin also $1.49. I also found one water glob with oogie boogie which I really want and happy that I waited because it was also on sale for $1.29. I was also happy to find one of the stuffed oogie boogie because it was also on sale for $.49 cents. I also had to get skull double walled cup for $.59 cents. The last tow things I found in the clearance which were the wet n' wild single eyeshadows in brulee and suede for $.24. So I was really happy to save so much on things I've been wanting and it pays off to wait, well some times.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my finds and I'm so happy to find them.

Until next time,

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