Monday, November 24, 2014

Virginia Trip Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I know that I haven't been posting on here but life happened and was not able to post. So I hope that nothing else happens to stop me from blogging. Anyways I'm here to show you what I got from my trip in Virginia. 
The first two pictures are from Five and below which I never been to before because there are none in CA. When I saw it I had to check it out.
I got three Funky Fingers nail polishes which I've been wanting to try. The first one is named Venom and the second one is called Mood ring. They where in the clearance for buy 2 for $1.00 and the third one is named oogie boogie was $2.00. I got a pair of cute owl socks for $2.00. I also got a Jack Skellington lip gloss compact in cherry for $1.00. I also had to have this cute owl lanyard and it was $2.00.

I got a pair of gators that have fur to keep my feet worm and they were only $5.00. The last thing I got from Five and below was this rainbow bob wig that I got for my Halloween costume and it was only a $1.00 which is a really good price for a wig.

For dinner one night we went to Cracker Barrel which I've never been to one before and after dinner I went to look at there shop. They had Halloween items on sale of course I found something. I got some missing body parts gummies for $2.95. I also got this cute Led Glitter Owl in green for $2.95.

I went to Wallace's Trading post in Williamsburg and this tooth pick holder that is pictured on the left that has the governors palace on it. It was $4.99.
The owl ornament on the right I got from the Christmas Mouse store which I wish I got look around more but my parents wanted to go :0(. But I did get one thing that is the cute owl with a windmill on it and it was $5.00.

We also stopped at the other Williamsburg store which is called the General store where I found this metal poster of my favorite cartoon Scooby doo and I collect Scooby Doo things and had to bring it home with me. It was 14.99.

My parents and I stoped at a Kmart and I found The witches of eastwick in the Halloween  area and had to get because its a good movie and it was only $5.00.

We also stoped at a Walmart and I got two of these Halloween nail stickers for $1.97 each.

We also stopped at Barns and Nobles and I found this book called Hell House its about hunting's around the world and had to buy it. It was on sale for $9.99.

While we were driving around I saw a Dollar Tree and had to check it out. I was happy that I did because  I finally found the facial cleansing wipes that I've been seeing everyone getting and love them. They only had two of them in the scent honey and aloe vera. I also found the cell phone case for phone and got two as you can see. I also got a soft lips tint lip balm.

We also went to Richmond Virginia and went to the Edgar Allan Poe museum. I really enjoyed it and also bought this book "The incredible Mr Poe" for $12.99 I think.

The last things I got were two books of the Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center museums we went too and they were $5.95 each.

I really had a great time in Virgina and would love to back again. 
I hope you enjoyed see what I got in Virginia.

Until next time,

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