Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review and Eye Look: E.L.F Vampire Beauty Book

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to share my thoughts on the E.L.F Vampire Beauty Book and also an eye look I did with the palette.

As you can see its similar to the Disney Beauty books that I and many others been buying. This one has eyelash, 8 eyeshadows, eyeshadow applicator, small eyeliner in black, and a lip gloss in glossy red color which has no name but a number so here is the number 82640. 

Just like the other beauty books they give you guide on how to apply the makeup which is great for beginners. I love the skull design on the cover and you I love skulls :0). I pick this palette because it had red tone eye which I don't have in my collection and I love vampires too.

Here is Swatches without primer:
Swatches with flash

Swatches with out flash and outside light
As you can see by the photos these eyeshadow have a lot of color pay off and they are not powdery at all. This palette has all shimmery or satin eyeshadows which I love. If you don't like shimmer stay away from this palette. When I did my eye look there was little fall out because of the glitter of course.

Here is the eye look I did with this palette:

Eyeshadows had no name
so I numbered them you can see what eyeshadows I used and wear I put them on my eye.

The products I used:
E.L.F eyelid pirmer in sheer
Avon Big Color Eye Pencil in  Vanilla
1. brow bone highlight and inner corner
2. Eyelid color and bottom lash line
3. Crease color
4. Outer v and outer bottom lash line
E.L.F liquid eyeliner in black

I really like how this eye look came out and its like a everyday fall look. I probably do this eye look again its so pretty and love the reds and copper eyeshadows in this palette.
I'm really happy that I got this palette. I see myself doing a lot of different eye looks with this palette. Not just for Halloween but all year long or just for fall. I think its a steal for $6.00. If you don't have any fall/red colors in your collection you might want to check this palette out.

What do you think about this palette/eye look?

Until next time,

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