Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dollar Tree Collective Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm back with another Dollar tree collective hauls.

In this haul I found a lot of good stuff. I found some car air fresheners in pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon and I got two in each scent. I was bummed that they are not too strong but they still smell good. I finally found the owl mirror stickers. I also got a scooby doo juice which is really good and had 100% fruit. I also got some acne wioes but had to return them because they were completely dried out. I also found some kelloggs cereal bars in chocolatey drizzle which are really good and I'm happy I got two packs.I found the Christmas washi tape and got two designs which is snow flakes and ginger bread man and girl.

Like I said before I had to return the acne wipes so of course I found other things I had to have. I got three of the Halloween solar dancers the skeleton, pumpkin, monster to add the my lonely skeleton I got last year. In exchange for the wipes I got the oil free acne wash.

In the search for loreal eye tattoos, I decided to try a dollar tree that I've never been to before and they had somethings I been looking for. I found the Wet n wild single eye shadow in the color Envy which I heard that is was a dupe for an urban decay shadow. I also was happy finally find the witch owl which was only .50 cents. If I known that would of got another one but most of them where broken. I also got another one of the essie sleek stick in sea me shine! I also got a maybelline great wear eye shadow stick which I thought was a lip stick because when I saw it I just picked the nude color and dropped in my basket. So we will see if its good. The last thing I got was some pink leopard print washi tape for my mom. This dollar tree was way bigger than ones I usually go to to bad this one so far away.

I went to dollar tree to see if they got the loreal color tattoos but still none :0(. So I looked at Halloween stuff and few things I had to get the first thing was some window clinks in this cutie owls design which I don't know where I'm going to put them yet. I also got garden flag to put by my door bell and it has a haunted house design on it with a cute little ghost. The last thing I got was a green glow in the dark skeleton whitch I put by my front door next to the light out side.

I'm happy I found somethings I've been looking for but still on the hunt for loreal color tattoos.

What do you think of my DT hauls?

Until next time,

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