Saturday, April 11, 2015

Influenster Carefree VoxBox

Hello my MJF followers,
The other day I received my second influenster voxbox this time I got the Carefree box.
If you are new what influenster is a program where you try out free products that they send you if you qualified for by taking surveys and tell them how you thought of the products.

So this time I qualified to try the Carefree acti-fresh body shapes in regular to go pantitliners. 

As you can see that on the back of package it claims that its so thin & absorbent. You'll forget you're wearing a liner! Feels as soft and thin as a panty! Core absorbs 2× more. 8- hour odor control system.

The paper says: Some of the best accessories are ones only you can see.That's why Carefree liners aren't just a period thing.They're a feel-fresh-and-ready-for-anything thing!
Put it on, then take it off a few hours later and voila!Clean undies any time, anywhere. Period not required.So thin and absorbent, the only thing you feel is fresh.Who wouldn't want that every day? When you feel fresh, it shows. It gives you the freedom to be your best self-you at your most confident, most fun and definitively your most fierce.

I usually just use panty liners during my period but I might try these when its not my time of the month and see if I like it.

Get the latest Carefree liners new at Or find them at

Until next time,

I received  these products complimentary from influenster for testing  purposes.

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