Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dollar Tree Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to show you two hauls from Dollar Tree.

This haul I went to a different dollar tree in my area. 
I got a few things for my mom that my mom need for the house that was some refills for our swifter wet jet and vacuum. So I got four packs of the Scrub Buddies deep cleaning pad refills for the wet jet swifter and two packs of the dry floor cloths for the swifter vacuum. If you would like a review on theses products let me know. I also found the Chap Ice lip treatments and I decided to try one in the Coco Butter. I also picked up a blistex in medicated lip balm because my lips was really dry. I thought I'll try this one and keep it my purse. The last things I got was some Revlon nail polishes from the Haute Rocks Pebbles which is the Pebbles Texture and I got the three colors they had in Seychelles Sand (gold,silver, and pink hex glitters in light cream base), Moroccan Oasis (mixture of large and small hex glitters in blue, green, sliver and pinks in a light gray base), and Caribbean Cove (mixture of large and small hex glitters in white, black, and gray in a light gray base).

This is the haul I got today which I went to see if they had things I've been want and I'm happy to say that I got somethings but everything I've been looking for.This DT is the one that not close to my house and usually has the more thing in stock or just does not get sold out as fast as the ones by my house. Anyways I finally found the Solar Tulip lights that my mom wanted and I got six of them two in pink, two in yellow, and two in purple. I got Sunbeam lithium cr2032 batteries for my mom to fix her dead watches. I also got two Home Collection Neoprene pot holders in green because the one we have are so dirty and need to be cleaned. I got some cream cheese by Hahn's because we ran out and still had bagels. I got two of the Skeeter Beeter Cironella outdoor candles to use this summer. I picked up some flip flops for my little cousin when she comes this summer because she always forgets hers. The last things I got was Revlon nail polishes. I got more of the pebble texture polishes in two colors that I did not get and are really pretty. The colors are Balinese Bay (A mix of large and small hex glitters in purple,pink, black and silver in a light purple base) and Lana'i Lagoon (a mix of large and small hex glitters in blue, green and silver in a blue base). Also found three of the The Amazing Spider-man 2 Electric Chrome Collection which was the main reason for me going to DT today. I saw thinkpink Daze on youtube hauled few of the Amazing Spider-man 2 polishes from dollar tree, so I knew that I had to go and look because I wanted the blue colors in the collection but would not pay full price for nail polish even though I really wanted them. I'm so happy to find three of them which was the last ones and colors that I wanted yay. The three I got was Electrified Web (orange-copper), I'm Electro (mid bright blue to purple) and Super-powered (dark blue to purple and gold).

I'm so happy with my two hauls and can't wait to try all my new nail polishes.
I hope you enjoyed my DT hauls.

Until next time,


  1. I saw those pretty tulips and wondered if they worked well, so cute!

    1. They are pretty bright because the have one led light and look really pretty out side at night. My mom put them in her potted flowers on the deck.