Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dollar Tree Collective Hauls Part 2

Hello my MJF followers,
Here is Part 2 of my collective Dollar Tree Haul if you have not already check out part 1.

In this haul I found the new candles everyone was hauling. I got two of the luminessnce band in coral maines and two in the Star lytes in  island escape. I also found some Revlon colorstay polishes that I could not pass up in 050 passionate pink (bright cream pink), 170 coastal surf (cream blue), and 150 cayenne (red with gold micro glitter).

In this haul I got another of the green top containers. I also found more of the milani eyeshadow pencils in espresso Line and golden bronze. I also got two of the Lunchables s' mores dippers and some colgate toothpast in sensitive.

In this haul I found another of Chevron container in blue. I also got another Revlon colorstay in 290 midnight (dark cream blue).

This Tuesday they put out a lot of new items that I been wanting. I got candy crush fruit gummies, some fashion knee high sock which are not knee high there regular socks but I love them because of bright neon colors. I found some new fashion scarfs that I could not pass up because they have stars and are pretty. I got another pack of the Abi hand lotions that I like. I also found a milani nail polish that I could not pass up in sugar cane (purple,pink bar glitter with white hex glitters) so pretty. I got some colgate tooth paste in sensitive whitening which I've been liking. The last thing I got was a door stop.

On Thursday we went to a different dollar tree that I've never been before found a few things I've been wanting. I found the Sassy + Chic blender makeup sponge in green which were the last one so I hope they work like beauty blender. I got some flower claw hair clips that were so pretty and will be great for summer. I also found the animal lip glosses and I got the blue owl but it does not smell good so I don't want to use it. Did any one that got one  smells weird? I also got another of the cell phone case in glitter blue this time. I also picked up some mucus relief because I still have a cold :0(.

Today I stoped at DT and found the metal candle holders I've been wanting to hold my mini glass jar candles in so I got one in blue and might go back for another one.

I hope you enjoyed my DT hauls.

Until next time,

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