Friday, April 17, 2015

Avon Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to show you another Avon haul that I got this month.

In this haul I got three of the Mark Imark single wet/dry eyeshadows which were on sale for$2.99, they were $7.00 each. The colors I got were Chenille (taupe color), Corset (smoky black), Empress (shimmery golden green). I also got one of the new Avon nailwear pro+ Electric shades in Vibe for $3.49. I really love this color its a pretty glittery jelly bright blue. I also got two of the new Ultra Color Indulgence lip color in Peach Petunia (coral color), Honey Flower (nude color) for $4.99 each.

Close up of bottle of Vibe

Swatches of Imark eyeshadows:
left to right: Empress, Chenille, and Corset

Lip and hand swatches of Ultra Color Indulgence lip color:
From left to right: Peach Petunia, Honey Flower

I really love these lip colors because they don't feel like lip sticks but are pigmented like a lip stick. I'm going to wear these a lot this summer. Thanks to Ann Hatfield's review on youtube because she is the reason why I had to try a few.

I hope you enjoyed my Avon haul.

Until next time,

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