Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dollar Tree Collective Hauls Part 1

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to show you a collective dollar tree hauls part 1and I post part 2 after this one of my most recent hauls from DT. These hauls are from at lest two months of hauls that I've been meaning to post but didn't.

In this haul I got two clothes bins in blue and green. I also got two Easter egg platters which I used for Easter. The last thing was a Physician Formula Retro Glow Mosaic Powder in translucent glow.

Here is the swatch of the Mosaic Powder:

Its more a highlighting powder then all over face powder which will be nice because I don't have many.

I picked up one of the solar dancing owl because I thought it was so cute.

I also picked up these cute sunglasse to wear around the pool this summer.

This next haul I finally found these flower baskets that I was looking for so I got two of the blue and green.

In this haul I got the inc couture tape because it was so pretty that I could not pass it up. I also got three of the magenetic boxs for a craft that I'm planing on using them for but it might change.

 This haul I got a utility knife which I needed because I lost my other one. I also found Abi hand cream in citrus and apricot scents which I really like and use them almost everyday. I also got the Easter solar dancers in Bunny, Chick, Lamb because they are so cute.

I hoped you enjoyed my DT hauls and go check out part 2.

Until next time,

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