Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rite Aid, Ross, Target Haul

Hello I'm back with another haul from before I left for vacation that I did not have time to post.
This is a lot of little hauls that made in to one big haul which I thought was better then posting one or two things I got.
So the first things I got are from Rite Aid. I got two eye shadows from wet n wild which I never tried. Rite Aid was having 30% off wet n wild product so I figured I would give them a try. I got a eye shadow single in the color Platinum. Its reg. $1.99 and on sale for $1.39. I also got a three eye shadow palette in the color I Dream of Green. Its reg. $2.99 and on sale for $2.09.

The next thing I got was a retractable lip brush by Conair that I got from Ross for $2.99 which is reg. $6.00.

The last things I got was from Target. I got an Eos which I love in Medicated Tangerine to add to my collection. It was $2.99. The other two things I got was nail polish that I've been wanting to buy but waited. Its a good thing I did because I got both of them on sale for $1.60 each. The colors I got was Rosey Shooter and Green Rocket. I can't wait to try them.

I'm really happy I found some good deals and can't wait to use everything.

Until Next Time Happy Shopping and Enjoy the Show :0)

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