Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa's Reindeer Nail Art

Hello I'm back with my last Christmas nail art design for 2013.
For my last Christmas design I decided to do a reindeer theme with a Christmas tree.

These are the nail polishes I used:

Base Coat color: Revlon Rain Forest
Rein deer nose: Avon Ruby Slipper
tip of thumb and pinky fingers:Sinful Holiday Rebel
Star on top if Christmas Tree: Wet n Wild Fergie Hollywood Walk of Fame
Reindeer: Sally Hasen Magnetic Kinetic Copper
Reindeer antlers and nose: Sinful Leather Loose
Reindeer eyes: Milani Nail Art Black Sketch
Reindeer eyes: Avon Nail Art Delicate White
Christmas Tree and on thumb and pinky nails design: Sassy+Chic 3n1 gold color no name
Top coat: Nyc Grand Central Station

For my first try in doing reindeer design I think it came out alright but kinda bummed that you can't see the reindeer antlers because the base color was dark.
When I do the reindeer next year I will do a lighter base color but all in all I really like them.

 If you would like know how I did it let me know and I can do an How-To for you.

Until next time happy shopping and enjoy the show.
Happy Holidays!

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  1. Cute! I especially like the reindeer. :)

  2. Thank you too the both of you girls. I love to get comments on my nail designs so I know people like to see on my blog because as you know I'm new to blogging :0)