Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Second Pinchme Box

Hello I'm back again with my second Pinchme box I got in the mail.
This time I got to pick three samples. The three samples I got was Charlee Bear Dog Treats, Suave Advanced Therapy body lotion and Lady Gaga Fame perfume.

Here is the samples:

My dog Jack saw I had treats for him from the mail he was so happy. He did not want to give any to my other two dogs Bella and Sonya. The dog treats are made in US which is a plus for me because I know the US has better regulations on pet food. Jack really liked them and so did other two. The girls are very picky so I'm surprised that they ate them too. I might have to buy some for them.

I tried the suave lotion sample its nice but I don't love it but for a big sample for free I will use it. The lotion is thin and does not dry fast like other lotions I like to wear. It smells good too.

The last sample I got was the Lady Gaga perfume which I never heard about but when I saw the sample I figured I like to smell it. Its nice scent but kinda strong so I might wear to a party or something. I don't wear perfume that much any ways.

So all in all I liked all the samples I picked. I can't wait to pick some more samples soon.
I would love to hear from other pinchme members of what you have gotten and if you like any of the samples.
Until next time happy shopping and enjoy the show :0)

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