Friday, August 15, 2014

Dollar Tree Collective Haul

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here with a collective dollar tree haul.

I found the starry night lamp that I have been seeing people hauling so I bought two in blue one for me and one to give away. They also have pink and black. I also got two of flower candle holders that I was not going to buy but decided that they were too cute to pass up. I got two of the Marie Callender's easy sides in the flavor Alfredo and Parmesan they were .50 cents each. I already tried the Alfredo and they're really good and might have buy more. I also found the Aquafina hydrating lip balm that I've also seen people haul and I figured I give it a try. Then when I was checking out I saw a two pack of these red hots and got them for my dad.

This haul I found the Milani infinite liquid eye liner. I got three of the gray color named Timeless, two of the brozen color named Forever which I gave one to my mom. I also got one of the purple that is named Endless and one of the blue that is named Infinite. I've only wore one of the colors and really like it so I will be using them in future eye looks.

This last DT haul I got two the minion cups because I love minions and can use them to store my make-up or other ways to use them. I also went back to get the loreal magic perfecting base because I asked my followers on instagram if they tried it and liked it. Most of the feed back was they like it so I figured for a dollar I give it a try. I also found the washi tape that everyone been dieing to get there hands on. So I got two that I thought I would use for something.

When I got home I decided to use it to bling out my cell phone charger and tablet charger and here is the result.

I 'm really happy that I got the washi tape because it makes my chargers look so pretty.

What do you think of my DT collective haul?

Until next time,

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