Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dollar Tree Hauls

Hello my MJF followers,
I'm here to show you two of my Dollar Tree hauls.

I went to dt last week to pick up some air freshener and see if they had anything new that I had to have. I got Home store Air freshener in Hawaiian Mist which smells so good. While I was looking around I found the Profusion B.B. Lips that everyone been hauling. They where not in the makeup section and was hidden on a shelf where you had to bend down to see it. So if you don't see them in the makeup section check the spring and mother day section where I found them. I picked up two to see if I liked them. I not a big fan of Baby Lips there ok but very moisturizing to me. I tried both of the ones I got which was Peach and Bubble gum. I really both of them and they much thicker than baby lips and more moisturizing to me compared to baby lips. The peach smells just like peach gummies and the bubble gum has a light fruity gum scent. The peach one has shimmer in it with a light nude tint but you can't really see it on your lips. The bubble gum has no shimmer which has a baby pink tint. They both don't have much of a tint but if you layer bubble gum you kinda see a light pink tint which nice. I have been wearing the bubble gum ever since I bought it.

Today I decided to go check out a Dt close to my house to see if they had any of the Kiss nail strips and pickup more of the B.B. lips. I'm happy I did because they only had a few of Kiss Gel Dress polish solution and I got three out of five designs. I got two of the Rise & Shine which one is for me and one is for my mom. Rise & Shine has strips and decals to go on top which is nice because I might use them on other manis too not just for the strips. I also got Menagerie for my mom which is a bright orange and bright pink gradient with different patterns. The last one I got was Starry Night which is a light pink and teal gradient with glitter so pretty. I got some Basic Solutions Snap Clips. I've been wanting these but  never bought them so this time I did because I wear these type of clips every day and they get gross so I just through them away. I also got two more of the B.B. Lips because I really like the ones I got. So this time I pick up another of the Bubble gum one because its my favorite so far. I also got Watermelon which I'm not a big fan of watermelon lip products but its a pretty color. I just opened it up and it has a light sent like the Bubble Gum so it not too bad. The tint is closer to my lip color which gives a medium pink color. Watermelon has shimmer in it like the peach. You can see for your self with my hand swatches below.

swatches on bare skin

I think that they worth more than a $1 so if you see them pick one up.
they are way better than Baby Lips  and if you like me to do some comparisons to ones I own to the B.B. lips let me know below.

I hope you enjoyed my two hauls.
What have you been finding at DT? I would love to know.

Until next time,

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